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Mindfulness: March

Easter flowers

As you may already know, I’m following Yvette Jane’s “365 Days of Mindfulness” and I’ve been sharing my favourite tip each month. In January and February I wrote about focusing on one thing and noticing the impact of colour, so I was looking forward to seeing what March had to offer. Suggestions included everything from belly-breathing for a greater flow of oxygen, to slowing down your driving, and choosing your words more carefully to repeating positive affirmations. All good tips, however, the one I went with was:


Flowers are one of those simple things that make me so incredibly happy. They have the ability to instantly transform a room, a garden, a mood, and yet I rarely have them in the house. They’re fairly expensive from the local supermarket and I kind of feel the magic is lost somewhere between the fruit aisle and my home, but my local florist is also quite expensive and whenever I get there I talk myself out of spending.

But maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe flowers need to go on my list of Things You Shouldn’t Skimp On – which, for info, includes baked beans, good shampoo and meat.

Robin’s mum is a Flower Pro, my technical term for someone who grows flowers in her garden, knows exactly what she’s doing, then picks and arranges them into beautiful small vases around the house. My mum is a Semi Pro; she doesn’t have a garden but flowers are often in her home and she always buys them as treats for people – birthdays, house-warmings and weekend hellos. I want to do more of both these things.

I don’t really know how to arrange flowers – it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me. My friend in South Africa has her own floral arrangement company for events, Fox & Co and she is incredible. I watch her arrangements from afar trying desperately to think of an occasion when she can pop over to London and bring a bunch!

The start of spring is my excuse to buy daffodils and tulips, simple but beautiful, and they have definitely brought a little extra something to my living room.


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2 comments on “Mindfulness: March

  1. Tulips. You can never go wrong with a bunch of tulips in a tall vase 😀

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