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Spending the weekend in a hidden hut in the woods

IMG_7038As regular readers will know, I love a little escape to the countryside. The fast-paced city living is definitely my chosen way of life but sometimes it gets a bit much and I can hear the trees calling me. Last week we went to a little hut in East Sussex for 24 hours and tucked ourselves away in the wet woods.

We found this idyllic getaway on AirBnb – where else? It was described as a “magical retreat” and I couldn’t agree with that more. Hand-built by Ralph, the host, the hut was fairly basic. A bed, a small table with two chairs and a wood-burning stove met our needs and were the perfect compromise between my need for comfort and Robin’s need for remote locations.

We arrived early afternoon having stopped at the Jolly Sportsman for the most incredible pub lunch – also highly recommended. After a quick tour from Ralph, we went on a short country walk around the local fields. Walking is not my strong point, obviously, but the 30 minute ramble was just enough to feel refreshed and nicely tired. Plus, I got to squelch in mud.

wellies in the mud


Back at the hut, Robin went off to find wood so he could pound his chest and be “man make fire”. If, like me, you feel the cold then I recommend woolly socks and chunky knit jumpers whilst the hut heats up, but it doesn’t take long. Before I knew it I was warmed up, drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers and playing cards. I’m pretty sure this is what dream weekends are made of.

cheese and wine by wood burning stove

hutAs it got dark around us, things started to feel a bit magical. Ralph had talked to us about the local deer and foxes which we weren’t lucky enough to see and we were just behind the local through road so you could hear occasional traffic, but if you’re used to living next to the south circular in London – as I am – then it’s basically silent.

hidden hut in the woodsNot only did I prance about in front of fairy lights, but I also opened a box of cheese only to discover it was heart shaped! What romance!

heart shaped cheese

hidden hut in the woods



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4 comments on “Spending the weekend in a hidden hut in the woods

  1. This is genuinely my idea of heaven. Booking this for sure!!!

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