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Chocolate Festival, Angel

A few months ago I was browsing the web in search of new and interesting things to do during the weekend in London. I had no sooner seen the words ‘Chocolate Festival’ than the tickets were in my basket and I was entering my card details. £9 for an all you can eat chocolate festival and… wait for it… free entry to the cheese and wine festival. Hello!

The thing is, unfortunately as is so often the case, these things sound amazing on the web page but don’t quite live up to the picture they painted. For a start, this is London. Which inevitably means, this is crowded.

Chocolate festival

Chocolate festivalThe chocolate festival was indoors at the Design Business Centre in Angel, North London. There were queues to enter, queues to walk around and queues to eat chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not surprised and I don’t blame any of you… who doesn’t want to flock to the hut where chocolate, cheese and wine come together.

Chocolate festival

Chocolate festival

The stalls were packed full of chocolate treats and I tried desperately to ignore the crowds and focus on the yumminess. It was tough, until I found the stall for Comptoir Gourmand and Oh. My. Wow. Look at these cakes.

Chocolate festival

Chocolate festival

Chocolate festival

Chocolate festival

We bought one slice of chocolate torte and one and one chocolate brownie. Oh the deliciousness! I couldn’t help but feel it was all very expensive, but when in a room full of chocolate, you buy some damn chocolate.

Now, if you thought the chocolate crowds were too tough to handle, you won’t stand a chance with the cheese queues. When it comes to Londoners, it’s clear to see the winner in the age old chocolate vs cheese debate. In fact, the cheese crowds were so crazy I couldn’t even photograph them. I took one picture of the ode to cheese at the side of the room and left.

Chocolate festival

I don’t think we spent more than half an hour at the festival. Was it worth the £9? No. Was it exhausting? Yes. Was it kind of fun? Yes. Kind of. I wouldn’t go again, but that chocolate cake was amazing back home on the sofa with a cup of tea and extra thick double cream, so that’s good.


3 comments on “Chocolate Festival, Angel

  1. I no longer go to such things, because i can no longer cope with the crowds and the panic attack that ensues.

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