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Sunshine, viaducts and the perfect spring wak

Sometimes, when the stars align, I have a free weekend at the same time as I have a burst of energy. If luck is reeeeally on my side, the sun is also shining. On days like that, a short country walk is one of my favourite things to do. I don’t get as far as I’d like and I’m a bit limpy for the rest of the weekend, but it’s totally worth it.

I thought I’d share these photos from my most recent country walk because I think they’re quite nice. I tend to take my photos fairly naturally and edit when I get home, but I bought a fancy camera that lets me apply filters on the screen so I took the opportunity to have a bit of a play.

See the viaduct in the picture below? I walked all the way over to it! As soon as I saw it, I said I wished I could make it that far… and then I did. I do love a viaduct.

Spring tree on country walk

When I made it to the viaduct I mainly stood taking photos, watching the view through the archways and enjoying the sun. I know the colours in the photo below will be too bright for some, but I love them! I’m also very grateful to the passerby who was wearing bright yellow – couldn’t have planned it better myself.

English countryside and viaduct

The view from the other side was great too. Just look at those rolling hills through the arches. ???????????????????????????????

The walk back to the car was slightly more painful, but made more enjoyable by watching the sun set over the fields. Plus, I had fun with my ‘toy effect’ feature on my camera when we came across a castle and a lonely car along the country track.

English countryside and viaduct ???????????????????????????????

So that’s me, my country walk and my love of viaducts.


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