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Is Roast the best roast in London?

This should have been posted much earlier in the week but it has been a crazy one. Apologies. So, here we go. It’s Friday and it’s food time.

Each year for our birthdays, my boyfriend and I treat the other to lunch at a fancy restaurant. We get dressed up and go somewhere we couldn’t and wouldn’t normally afford, if it wasn’t for the occasion and tradition of our birthday lunches. You may remember last year I wrote about our trip to The Dairy in Clapham. (If you don’t, go and check it out. That meal was awesome!)

Last week was Robin’s birthday and we went to Roast in Borough Market. Roast’s philosophy is “a tribute to the farmers, fishermen, growers and wine makers who inspire us to do their produce justice” and, as HUGE fans of the Sunday roast, we were excited to check out their roast beef, potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

Roast Restaurant

Roast is on the first floor of a building that overlooks Borough Market. The building has windows on every wall and we were lucky enough to go on a bright, sunny, Spring day and enjoy the sunlight was streaming through the glass. We were lucky enough to be seated by the window – the prime position for people watching. I watched the men and women in business suits come and go for lunch, I watched the couples and friends and families wander in the sun, and I watched the market workers shouting for their trade. It was great!

The restaurant itself, although white and bright and all things I like, was busy and buzzing and a little bit stressful. The staff seemed haggard and I felt caught in the middle of a workers lunch, rather than relaxed and able to enjoy this special treat. It seems there are more rich business men (and yes, they were largely middle-aged men in suits) than I realised able to go for fancy lunches on a casual work day.

Roast Restaurant


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