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Country lunch

I love London, but sometimes I have moments where I really miss the countryside. I miss seeing green hills and fields, trees that aren’t surrounded by cars and people. I miss lakes and I miss quiet, so today I set off on a journey to Surrey. I drove in the sunshine listening to eighties classics on Radio 2 (yes, I am actually 45) and arrived at a big country cottage that my friend is lucky enough to be renting. Trees, beams and fields later, we went to experience the best thing about the countryside; the country pub.

Countryside lakeIn spite of the chilly winds, we sat outside and ate a hearty roast dinner – which included a Yorkshire pudding the size of my head. We both fought the urge to go and sit in the warmth for a good 45 minutes… after all, it’s not very often you get to enjoy views like this in London. But somewhere between a cold potato and losing the feeling in my fingers, we decided to venture inside.

roast dinner

The Wiremill is a traditional British pub, low ceilings and cask ales with a simple but classic pub menu. We sat inside drinking wine and hot chocolate, catching up and people watching as friends and families came in for Sunday lunch. We watched as people our age sat around us with young families and discussed having children vs not having children for about the hundredth time in our lives. It was fun and I want to do it again!

The WiremillSunshine and green and roast dinners and friends. Does it get better? I’m not sure.

The Wiremill


1 comment on “Country lunch

  1. The Activist

    It’s wonderful the great British countryside but its important that it doesn’t disappear under the concrete and tarmac that the politicians are promising in the run up to the general election !

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