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Best sweet and savoury pancakes

I love love love pancake day! I am a huuuuuuge pancake fan so February is all about the batter. I should have posted this yesterday but I was too full and too fat from all the pancakes. See, this year I promised myself I would do something I’ve been desperate to do all my life: I had savoury pancakes for dinner and sweet pancakes for pudding! Greedy? Yes. Amazing? Oh, yes.

lemon and sugar pancakes

The best pancake topping or filling is a topic that causes much debate. Everyone has their favourite and I am no exception. However, I wanted to try and be a little bit creative this year and so we did some research before deciding on our fillings. It turns out there are a LOT of options out there so I made a list of the best suggestions.

Savoury first…

  1. Ham and Gruyere cheese – a solid choice
  2. Bacon, eggs, tomato and black pudding – a fry up pancake
  3. Vegetables and feta cheese – in an attempt to sound healthy
  4. Pepperoni and mozzarella – like a pizza
  5. Indian masala dosa – the most tempting of the group, in my opinion.

… Then sweet

  1. Streaky bacon and maple syrup – couldn’t decide if this was sweet or savoury, but either way it’s AMAZING
  2. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie and caramel sauce – the perfect sundae pancake
  3. Mixed berries and icing sugar – simple and delicious
  4. Chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce – because, mmm, chocolate
  5. Apple and cinnamon – yum.

This year, the boy did good. He made a THREE COURSE pancake meal! Here’s what he created!


To start: Courgette fritters with a side of yoghurt 

The batter recipe for this was 1 egg, 50g flour and 50ml milk, seasoned with salt and pepper. He grated one small courgette and toasted a teaspoon of cumin seeds, then added these to the batter.

savoury pancakes

savoury pancakes courgette fritters

Main course: Basil and parmesan pancakes with tomato salsa and mozzarella

The batter recipe for this was a standard American Pancake mix, which is 1 egg, 130g plain flour and 130ml milk, a teaspoon of baking powder and seasoned with a pinch of salt. He took a large handful of basil leaves and blended that together with two tablespoons of oil, then added this to the batter along with 30g of finely grated parmesan. Separately, he made the tomato salsa which was made up of a quarter of an onion and approx 12 cherry tomatoes cut into four. He fried off the onion, a heaped teaspoon of dried oregano and a large splash of red wine vinegar, then added the tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper. The buffalo mozzarella was sliced into four and added to the pancakes in the pan half way through cooking.

hot tomato salsa

basil and parmesan pancakes

basil and parmesan pancakes

basil and parmesan pancakes with mozzarella and hot tomato salsa

For pudding: Crepes with lemon and sugar 

The batter recipe for the crepes was 1 egg, 125g plain flour, 300ml milk, 1 tablespoon melted butter. Serve however you wish; I went for lemon and sugar because it’s DELICIOUS and he went for maple syrup.

lemon and sugar pancakes


Until next year!


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