Review of Big Eyes

I love Oscar season . Not only do I get excited about watching the awards – yes, I’m one of those losers – but I get to browse all the fashion mags which I’m sorry but I love, and most importantly get to watch a number of brilliant films which are tactically released in the lead up to the ceremony.

Am I the only one who has a long list of films to watch and not much time left to do it? See, as much as I love the thought of spending my Sundays curled up on the sofa watching film after film, it rarely turns out that way. Any time not spent working or socialising is time spent thinking about working or socialising. I watch a load of TV, but also whilst using 35 other devices.

In my promise to watch more films and have some vague awareness of the Oscar references, I kicked off my film marathon with Big Eyes. And what a good start it was! I absolutely love Tim Burton and he didn’t disappoint in this true story of American art fraud Walter Keane. Walter Keane was a 1960’s wannabe artist, craving fame and fortune but never succeeding due to his lack of artistic talent. When he married Margaret and discovered the immense popularity of her paintings, he claimed them as his own and left Margaret locked in a dark room painting whilst he lapped up the rewards of her work.

It’s an incredible story, beautifully told and I highly recommend it.

Image: Hypebeast
Image: Hypebeast

There’s so many other films on the list. Birdman, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything… what would you recommend?