Gaucho – a meat lover’s dream

For those who don’t already know, I love a club. I started book club with some friends from work, which is really more of a wine-and-chat club that occasionally remembers to talk about the book that some of us read, but it’s great all the same. Soon after book club, a few of us started supper club. Not so good for educating my mind but totally amazing for educating my belly.

Supper club kicked off with Dans le Noir, which I told you about back in October, and last weekend we went to Gaucho. My oh my, it was amazing! For those not already in the know, Gaucho is a chain of Argentinian steak restaurants well known for their fine selection of beef and excellent sharing menus. There are 12 branches in London alone, and we headed to the Tower Bridge restaurant on a bright and crisp Saturday lunch time.

Tower BridgeAny restaurant that welcomes you by suggesting cocktails in the bar before going to your table is a winner in my book. We browsed the – very extensive – cocktail menu and loved the three drinks we eventually settled on. The San Juan Sling, the San Lucas and the Black River Cobbler got us instantly excited and ready for meat!

cocktails at gauchoSoon after, we were shown to our table – which had an amazing view of Tower Bridge. I think it was around this point I declared how much I LOVE London! It’s expensive and over-crowded and there are many things that can make you hate it, but the restaurants and the architecture and the vibe on a sunny Saturday is near perfect. Cocktails and bread baskets continued my giddy mood whilst I perused the extensive meat menu.

bread basket

Now, vegetarians, you might want to look away now.

One other thing Gaucho is famous for is the moment the waiter shows off the cuts of beef. This moment was immense. I started salivating as the waiter took us through the cuts, the best way to cook them and the sauce/garnish that works best. Holy moly, get in my belly!

cuts of beefAfter some good girly chin-wagging, more cocktails and an amazing Argentinian Malbec our food arrived. We, obviously, ordered fat chips and a couple of sides, which arrived in separate bowls. Funnily enough, being given a plate with nothing but meat on gets me all focused on nothing but meat. Good, tasty meat. Meat, meat, meat!

Steak at Gaucho

Steak at GauchoAnd if you’re not a fan of red meat, this chicken also looked pretty damn amazing.

Chicken at GauchoBy the time we were done eating and drinking, the sun was starting to set and, once again, I was reminded how much I love London. If you’re ever looking for a tasty treat near London Bridge, I can’t recommend Gaucho enough.

London skyline

tower bridge


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