Monday joy

It’s Monday, and I’m tired. But amid the fatigue I am strangely motivated. Finding joy has been relatively easy today… I guess that’s what happens when you surround yourself with good people.

Reading magazines
I want to do this at the weekend. All weekend. [Image: 38 Media Tumblr]
Lemons and water
I feel fresh and hydrated just looking at this. [Image: Bembu]
Mother and child playing in the snow
I love this picture of Natalie and her child in the snow. [Image: Hey Natalie Jean]

Home decor living room rug and large pictures
This living room makes me all kinds of happy. [Image: Vintage Revivals]
Happy Monday - Monday Joy - A Life Less Physical
It’s like this picture was made just for me. Happy Monday. [Image: Our Joyful Home]