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The best five city breaks

You know when you start talking to someone about their latest holiday or their upcoming plans and you say, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to go there!” Well, I seem to do that all the time, so I started to give some serious thought to the places I want to go – and why. As well as an ever-growing list of places I want to go, I am also trying to be stricter than ever with my unnecessary spending. Therefore, what started out as a blog post entitled “My 2015 city breaks” (Ha! How greedy is that?!) has now become a far more sensible plan for five weekend breaks at some point over, probably, the next five years. See? Sensible me.

#1: Budapest, Hungary 

I know very little about Budapest but two things desperately appeal to me; one is the architecture and the other is the spas. I am planning a long weekend with the man-friend so that we can drink beer and wander through the streets before my muscles start to hurt, at which point I can soothe them in a hot spa followed by a lovely massage. How damn delightful does that sound?!

Image: Libertrip
Image: Buzzfeed
Image: Buzzfeed

#2: Amsterdam, Netherlands

As you may already be aware, beautiful architecture is the main thing I look for in a city break. I love nothing more than wandering through streets that look so completely different to the buildings I am surrounded by every day in London. I have seen picture after picture of Amsterdam sites and I think it looks beautiful. Plus, I’ve read many articles addressing the link between cannabis and chronic pain relief so I figure, what better place to test that theory than in the thick of it. Literally.

Image: Elinka (Tumblr)
Image: Flickr
Image: Arlette (Flickr)

#3: Bruges, Belgium 

Have you ever seen In Bruges staring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson? If not, you should. It’s funny. I’ve seen it a number of times, and every time I watch it thinking: I really want to go there. Again, it’s the buildings and the water and the beer caves and… you get the idea.

Image: Content in a Cottage
Image: Content in a Cottage
Image: Travel Airport News
Image: Travel Airport News

#4: Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik has been on my wishlist for the longest. It looks so colourful and bright, and for some reason I feel like being there would be completely magical. The blue lagoon is completely mermerising and although I am always recommending that we Fibro sufferers surround ourselves with heat, I am happy to grin and bear the cold for the sake of Iceland.

Image: Core Awareness
Image: Core Awareness
Image: Mallory on Travel
Image: Mallory on Travel

#5: Innsbruck, Austria 

I have been to a number of places in Austria and loved every one, but I have never been to Innsbruck. I’m not all that clear on why I want to go because I don’t know a lot about what the city has to offer, but the thought of being in a city where I can see the snow-covered-mountains is just fantastic!

Image: Fivehundredpx
Image: Fivehundredpx
Image: Fivehundredpx
Image: Fivehundredpx

Have you been to any of my dream destinations? Which would you recommend?


11 comments on “The best five city breaks

  1. They all look brilliant! I’ve been to both Budapest and Amsterdam and I think you’ll love them them both. Amsterdam is pretty compact so not a great deal of walking will be needed. Budapest is more of sprawl but has excellent bus routes!! Please can we come with you guys on at least one trip? I’ll behave 🙂

  2. Absolutely! That would be amazing! I think Amsterdam might be the first one on the list and I think would appeal to you and Robin 🙂 Let me know which ones appeal to T. x

    • Great stuff! T would love them all, I look forward to dicussing plans with you both. Shame it won’t be next weekend, but I know you of all people will understand #lessphysical

  3. I’ve wanted to go to Budapest for a long time, I’ve heard really wonderful things about it! My late godfather was Hungarian, and he always seemed a bit magic because he had this magnificent long black beard and talked in a deep, accented voice. I remember him making us Hungarian toast, which I can’t really remember being different from French toast, but with some paprika on top.

    Amsterdam is a wonderful friendly city and I’m sure you’ll love it!

  4. Your godfather sounds fantastic! I know what you mean, I always think there seems to be something magical about Budapest.

  5. Ooh, I love your list. In order to get most anywhere in your part of the world, I need to fly at least 11+ hours, so like to make the most of it. Amsterdam is beautiful, and I plan to return and spend more time. Good plan with the herbal trial, can’t hurt (might just give you some relief– think indica, less sativa). I also am an architecture junkie! Oh, I can’t get enough. Here in northern western Canada, our history is so very young and buildings of note few and far between. So, we travel to European countries every couple of years to get our fill. I have to admit to a bit of envy over being able to drink in the sights of London whenever– every time I have been there, I try to cram as much as possible into a short time. Oh, to have unlimited time, money, and a cooperative body!

    • That final sentence = so true!! I have to remind myself how lucky I am to be in London… and funnily enough, Canada is top of our list for our next long haul trip! The grass is always greener!

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