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New year, still you

If you read any of my posts leading up to the new year, you will know I totally buy in to the whole ‘new year, new you’ nonsense. I reflect on my previous year (and not just because that’s what bloggers do!) and then I think about what I want to change in the year ahead. I feel totally motivated and ready for everything because, no matter how hungover I am on New Year’s Day, I have every faith that the year ahead will be even better than the one that’s past. I make lists and goals and plans and, yes, they’re mainly frivolous things that I will enjoy trying to change, but they’re goals all the same. If they come off, bonus, but if not then at least I got a blog post out of trying.

But today, well, today was tough. You see, my secret resolutions were: to be in less pain, to be more productive at home, and whine less about work. I didn’t list those in my published list of resolutions because a) the first one is a joke – obviously, b) the the second one relies on the first one happening, and c) the third one doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post. Regardless, today was a failure in the world of fake/secret resolutions because I woke up in a lot of pain, I went to work and whined about it, and then I came home and was semi-productive before pains got bad and I whined about that instead. *Cue massive sulk.*

Really, what I want to do is slap myself around the face with a wet fish and stay “stop whining!” but instead I’m bringing my whining to my blog and sharing it with you. Hurrah for you!


I found this meme on a Huffington Post article that had collected the internet’s most hilarious (ahem…sarcasm) tweets about people’s attempts at New Year’s resolutions. I read it thinking, oh aren’t we all so foolish for pretending anything changes… aren’t we the idiots for thinking pain goes, abilities change and irritating things stop being irritating… silly, stupid us.

And then ten seconds later, somewhere around this tweet on this list…

… I thought it really is no bad thing that we want to get better at things. We are all very super cool but little girl in orange you are right; let’s get cooler. I can’t get rid of the pain, but I can get better with how I cope with the pain and that’s a good thing that I should try and do every day. So yes it’s a new year, but it’s not a new me. I am still me and me is someone who likes to make a lot of lists, plan a lot of plans and share misery and hilarity with the world. Ta-da! Welome to 2015 folks… let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.


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