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New year’s resolutions

I know you knew this post was coming and I want to apologise for it but honestly, I love New Year’s Resolutions! When I was little I would make them surrounded by my family on my New Year’s Eve and come up with things like ‘stop biting my nails’ and ‘eat less sweets’; now that I’m older I think about them for most of December and try and take them seriously – although I still need to eat less sweets.

This year my New Year’s Resolutions are a bit like more of a ‘to do’ list or a set of goals but hey, when do I not love a ‘to do’ list?! (Check out my list of 30 things to do in the year I’m 30 if you want to see my giant to do list from 2014.)

So, 2015, let’s do this!


#1. Revisit a favourite place from my childhood

I love a trip down memory lane and I love the idea of physically exploring some of my old time favourite places. Plus, y’know, it’ll make a good blog post.

#2. Visit a city in the UK that I have never been to

I’m thinking Manchester or Liverpool or Leeds. I need to do some exploring, that much I know.

#3. Swim, meditate and/or do Pilates

I’m going for the and/or approach because sustaining just one of these would be a good achievement, but really I’d like to do all three. My fibromyalgia benefits from Pilates and swimming, my anxiety benefits from swimming and meditation, and I think meditation would probably be good for general stress and cynicism. (If I’m honest… not sure who I’d be without my stress and cynicism so I may re-think this.)

#4. Take a social media break

I reckon this is going to be pretty high on most people’s list of resolutions. I am one of those annoying people that can’t sit through a film without checking my phone, or scrolling through Pinterest in the few hours before bed and I know that it’s about time I took a break from the world of social media. My resolution is to have four weekends of no internet. Four. Wish me luck.

#5. Schedule my blog posts

This year is going to be the year I take my blogging up a level. I’ve got a couple more design changes ahead (bear with me, I’ll stop making changes when I’m completely happy with it, promise!) and I’m going to start scheduling posts so that the blog has a bit more structure to it. I’m looking forward to sharing the new changes with you.

#6. Frame family photos

I’ve taken some lovely pictures over the years – even if I do say so myself – and I do nothing with them. I bought six photo frames last year; this year I’m actually going to frame some photos.

#7. Explore parts of London I’ve never visited

I feel very lucky to live in one of the best cities in the world, but I don’t really make the most of it. So this year I want to go to Brick Lane or Primrose Hill or Portabello Market… Or all of the above.

#8. Use more real photography

I see so many beautiful pictures on Pinterest that I use as stock images on my blog, and I really really reeeeeally want to take more photos and use them on my blog. So, that’s the plan.

#9. Get in to the countryside

I’m going to kick off the new year with getting out of the city and in to the countryside. I miss trees.

#10. Read more books

I started a book club in 2014 which I’m really loving, but I have a big pile of unread books on my shelf and I really really want to read them. I think the success of this resolution might rely on #4.

So, it’s the 1st January 2015. Happy New Year! Let’s see how it goes…


10 comments on “New year’s resolutions

  1. These are great! I can absolutely recommend Leeds for a visit, it’s great 🙂

  2. Catherine

    Liverpool is also worth a visit especially since there has been a lot of investment in regenerating the city. Better than Manchester in my view!

  3. Portobello Road is great, but can get very crowded! My favourite part is actually the walk through Notting Hill before you get there, looking at all the old writer’s houses, like George Orwell. Such pretty pastel terraces.

    Have a great 2015 – I’m looking forward to reading A Life Less Physical a lot more!

    • Oh wow that sounds amazing! As a south Londoner I really don’t know anything about that area so I’m looking forward to exploring. Happy new year to you too! 🙂

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