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The Christmas classics

Christmas has really crept up on me this year. I haven’t bought any presents – except an amazing Secret Santa one, which I’ll share with you in 2015 for secret reasons – and I haven’t indulged in any of my pre-Christmas traditions. Sure, the tree is up and I’ve been to my work Christmas party, but normally my Christmas season kicks off with five key Christmas classics and I haven’t entertained any of them.

This. Ends. Now.

I hereby promise that this weekend, as well as cleaning my house and buying some presents, I will try and tick off three of the five from my list. The remaining two can wait for the family on Christmas Day.

#1: Home Alone

It’s not Christmas without Home Alone and I am truly disgusted with myself that I have let it get to 18th December and still haven’t watched Kevin McCallister fight the Wet Bandits. Who am I? Rest assured this will be rectified at the weekend, with chocolates from the tree and cheese and biscuits. And I will quote every line and annoy everyone in the house, as it traditional at this time of year.


#2: Pictionary

I love Pictionary. It’s such a classic board game and one that requires no skill whatsoever. In fact, I prefer playing with people with no skills. Those annoying arty people that rock up half wasted and draw the perfect picture are the ones that make me want to tip cranberry sauce on their heads. Find your least artistic friends, pour the mulled wine, get the mince pies and draw yourself silly.


#3: The Snowman

Now this, this is a Christmas film. And unlike Home Alone there isn’t a tarantula that I have to hide from at several points across a two hour stint. (Although please don’t make me choose between the two because I really don’t think I could.) I will save The Snowman to watch with my family because this was such an essential part of my childhood. I remember my Mum reading the book to me when I was a small child, and then us watching it on Christmas morning after we’d opened our stockings. We still have our stockings, and we still have The Snowman.

Oh, and no I haven’t seen The Snowman and The Snowdog and no, I don’t want to. I couldn’t cope with ruining the original memory with modern faff.

the snowman

#4: It’s A Wonderful Life

I first saw It’s A Wonderful Life two year’s ago when my boyfriend took me to the cinema on Christmas Eve and we drank mulled wine in the theatre surrounded by a city of people indulging in this fabulous Christmas tradition. I decided there are then I would go to the cinema every year and watch this film, but in actual fact I haven’t seen it since that night. I want to rectify that. I remember loving it and knowing that it was a cult classic; now I want to make it once of my classics.

 #5: Miracle on 34th Street

I mean the Richard Attenborough version obviously, because, y’know, it’s Richard Attenborough. I really wanted my fifth Christmas classic to be a book but as much as I love reading, there’s nothing that’s a regular on my list of festive traditions. This film, however, is definitely up there. Again it’s something I haven’t got round to watching this year, but something tells me that Saturday will be a day of wrapping presents and sitting in my pyjamas watching Christmas films.

Hmmm… wait… that means I need to buy my presents tomorrow…



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