Monday joy


I think joy is required on this Monday more than most. The boy is lying next to me with a serious case of the flu, shivering and sweating from his fever, whilst I have a swollen cheek after two fillings at the dentist – one that looks like it might need root canal.

So on this here sad Monday, I am going to share my favourite images of the week in the areas of style, travel, weddings, tattoos, animals and food because, quite frankly, those are my favourite things in the world. And these pictures are particularly beautiful; this might be one of my best Monday Joy’s yet!

I want this top so much. [Image: Death by Elocution]
One day, I will go to Norway. [Image: Avon Romance]
Beautiful, casual wedding. [Image: A Cup of Jo]
Gorgeous little pup. [Image: Beauty is a Light in the Heart]
I love a floral half sleeve. [Image: Caroline Karenine]
I’m starving and want some of this. [Image: Feasting at Home]
Happy Monday folks x