My Christmas

I love it when that moment strikes and suddenly everything feels Christmassy. It’s taken a while this year, but I am now ready to jump in to the festive season. I’m sending Christmas cards and decorating the tree and humming Christmas carols as I bop down the street.

One of the things I really love is that everyone’s Christmas is completely different. We all have our own family traditions, and when we hear of someone else’s traditions we think, “What?! That’s not a proper Christmas!” Then, when we move in with someone and start a family-life of our own, we start creating new Christmas traditions together that are a weird and wonderful mix of the things we’ve taken from our childhoods. Today I thought I’d share some of the moments that make my Christmas.

This year I’ve had the realisation that small trees are good trees. Ours are getting smaller and smaller but cuter and cuter. This year’s tree is just under 3 feet tall and is plenty big enough for our tiny flat. The supermarket had sold out of white fairy lights so I picked these blue ones; I wasn’t too sure about having a blue Christmas but I think I’m starting to love it.

blue christmas treet

The decorations on the tree are collected from a variety of places and no two decorations are the same. One of my favourite girl friends sent me a surprise parcel last year with a collection of tree decorations inside and I absolutely love them. My favourites are the noel and the reindeer.

reindeer tree decoration

christmas tree decorations

We’ve also started a new tradition in our family where each time we go away we buy a decoration for the tree. Obviously the problem with this is that our tree is going to have to get bigger and bigger to support all the lovely decorations I want to collect from across the world.

This simple wooden stencil-style decoration is from Slovenia and the dark wooden ball is from Poland.

christmas tree decorations

christmas tree decorations

I always buy a traditional poinsettia for Christmas, plus a scented candle for the festive feeling. This year two of my friends beat me to it; one bought me these stunning red berries and the other bought me a wonderful Christmas candle from The White Company so I was set before December arrived.

red berries and red wine

Food is obviously at the heart of everything I love about Christmas. One tradition I’ve gained from Robin’s family is “sludge”, a weird childhood term for carrot and swede mash. It’s delicious and it’s not Christmas without it. The weird food tradition from my family is spicy spaghetti with Christmas roast dinner, something I didn’t know was weird until outsiders came and shared our family Christmas. Now that I think about it, it is a bit odd.

Roast dinner with sludge

Roast dinner with spaghetti

We always host Christmas dinner at least once over the festive period. This year we are squeezing eight people into our tiny flat for Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Not just the roast, but mince pies and sausage rolls too. Yum yum yummmm.

Every year the entire family gets a stocking. I’m sure this is a tradition that is meant to disappear as we get older, but we seem to have expanded the tradition and now give our parents and grandparents stockings too.

christmas stockings

What traditions do you have in your family, and who will you be celebrating with?