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Those dreamy Saturdays

Sometimes you wake up on a Saturday morning a bit hungover from your work Christmas party the night before. Your head hurts from the free prosecco, your legs hurt from the excessive dancing, and your mind runs through all the things it can remember – just to double check nothing bad happened.

This was my Saturday morning. Thankfully, nothing bad happened and my Christmas party was full of sparkles – both in my glass and on my dress. My lovely better half got me paracetamol and a cup of tea, and we watched this week’s Question Time in bed. This is a million miles from anything remotely linked to a political blog, but I will say that I am not angered or disgusted by Russell Brand. I am intrigued by what he has to say and if you are the same, you might want to look at the post-QT article he wrote. He is, at least, disgusted by the unfair distribution of wealth in this country and so I like him for that.

Next up on my dreamy Saturday morning was pancakes. Fluffy maple syrup covered American pancakes. Is there anything that can’t be solved with a plate of American pancakes? I doubt it. (Oh, except the unfair distribution of wealth in this country…)

We then did a supermarket shop; one of those ones that involves a list and costs a fortune. This shouldn’t be a part of my dreamy Saturday, but it is because we got our Christmas tree and Christmas cards so I’m feeling a bit more festive now.  I’m going to curl up and write them with a glass of wine and a Christmas film tomorrow night. Plus, I can hear carol singers (one of the positive things about my lack of secondary-glazed windows) so that’s awesome.

Another brilliant thing about our supermarket shop is we bought all the ingredients for my favourite lunch. This is mainly my favourite lunch because it requires no effort and is ready in approximately one minute. Plus it’s delicious. You will need: mature cheddar cheese, a chorizo sausage, a cucumber and some oat digestives. Chop up everything (except the digestives – that would be messy) and put it on a board, then eat it. So so good.

cheese and chorizo snack

Next I’m going to put up the tree, have a bath and then head to Piccadilly Circus for Christmas/engagement drinks with some of my favourite people. See? Dreamy Saturday.


2 comments on “Those dreamy Saturdays

  1. I don’t know how you do it? If i’d have gone to a party i wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed come Saturday due to the Fibro. As for lunch we call that posh cheese and crackers in our house 😀

  2. After a big night out for me is 3 days recovering. But it’s ok as long as we have a good time at the event. Glad you had a fun time!!

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