My first visit to a fortune teller and why it changed my mind


Going to see a fortune teller was always something I wanted to do. Before you get all Judgie McJudgerson on me, I didn’t want to do it so that I could plot my future decisions according to everything I’d been told; I mainly wanted to do it because it sounded like fun. However, having talked about doing it for years, I realised that I was actually a bit nervous about it. There is a part of me that really believes some people have a gift for…something. I believe some people know things or can see things or can sense things that the rest of us just can’t understand and can’t explain. I find that totally fascinating. Unfortunately there’s no way of knowing how real or fascinating that experience really is unless you do it for yourself.

So, yesterday I grabbed one of my best girlfriends and we hopped off across London to find our fortunes.

I was introduced to Lily by a friend at work who went to see her for a reading a few months ago. Impressed that a couple of her ‘predictions’ had come true, we each booked a 30 minute appointment with Lily at her home in North London.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but whatever I’d imagined, it wasn’t what I got. I think I thought Lily would be old, dressed in a floating gown and sat on a cushion surrounded by candles and incense with her hands gripped around a crystal ball. Yes, okay, I imagined Mystic Meg. What I got was a young woman, about my age, in a normal flat on a housing estate. She had short cropped blonde hair and was wearing jeans and a black blazer. She invited us into her living room and got us a glass of water each, then invited me to sit at her dining table.

Lily spent the next 30 minutes talking to me about my past and my future. Using 10 tarot cards she spoke about my family, my work and my love life. She said some things which made no sense at all, but she said other things that were absolutely spot on – things she couldn’t have got from a Google search. I’m keeping some of her predictions to myself, but here are some of the things I don’t mind sharing.


Lily told me my family were separate from me, that they were far away and that I would be seeing them in March for a celebration or event. This is true; they live in South Africa and are coming over in March for my Mum’s birthday. She said my Grandpa was watching over me – a bit weird considering my Grandpa and I were not at all close – and that he was very closely protecting me. She also said she could see he had died of bronchitis, which he did.

She saw my Great Aunt is with me too and also accurately described her appearance and her death, telling me she had a peaceful death but a very sore arm or wrist. My auntie broke her wrist shortly before she died. She told me I had a sister who was in a new relationship, which is true, and that I had a brother called Ben. That bit was wrong; I don’t have a brother.

However, when I told my Mum about this she looked a bit shocked; it turns out my Mum had her fortune told many years ago and was told she would have three children, two girls and a boy. When she met my Dad they agreed on calling their baby boy Ben, but the third baby never happened.


She accurately described my workplace and the people I work with, and said I would get a promotion in April. I won’t say more than that on the off-chance my employer ever finds this blog! She described Robin’s work accurately, his recent promotion and the building he works in. Her next steps for both of us sounded exciting so watch this space.


She said the main person in my life was a man; she guessed his name as Robert or Robin. She talked about my relationship with Robin and said we were going to move soon, within a year or so, leaving London to move to the coast. I really hope that’s not true because we’ve just moved to our brand new London home and I’d like a couple of years of calm. She also said we’re having a baby girl when I’m 36-38 so… that’s interesting.

To me, Lily seemed incredibly genuine and accurate. I don’t believe everything she said will happen, but there’s a part of me that thinks some of it might. It was so interesting to watch and listen to her talk as visions came to her. If there’s truth in it well, that’s great, and if not then at least we had fun.

I got home and told Robin about the experience, preparing for (and then receiving) utter cynicism and outrage. Robin spent the next hour Googling me based on the information Lily had known before I arrived – my first name and my mobile number. We discovered from a Google search that she could have known Robin’s name and she could have known my parents are in South Africa. She could have also worked out Robin’s job thanks to the wonders of LinkedIn and a couple of other details linked to work and home, but I maintain that she couldn’t have known how my Grandpa died, or that my parents are visiting in March. There were a number of personal details that she talked about that aren’t sitting on a web page somewhere waiting to be discovered by a scamming psychic.

I’m looking forward to coming back to this post in a year and seeing if any of her predictions have come true. I’ll let you know! As something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon, it was totally worth it.