When ill people get ill

Do you know what I realised this morning? People with Fibromyalgia think about their health all the time. All the time. It’s constant and, quite frankly, it’s boring. Sometimes we feel super motivated to help ourselves and other times we feel super exhausted and depressed about the whole thing but either way, we are always thinking about it.

I had this little realisation this morning because I woke up ill. Not Fibro ill, but ill ill. I have a cold. I have a sore throat, a tight chest, a blocked nose, I am ill. Half of you reading this are probably ill too because it’s doing the rounds and germs are everywhere and this time of year is the time when (in the UK at least) we all curl up under a duvet and refuse to be part of the cold outside world. When I woke up feeling ill this morning, my first dramatic thought was, “Oh not this as well! Come on! Give a girl a break for crying out loud!”

Then I rolled over, checked the time and discovered I had slept through my hair appointment. I set my alarm clock incorrectly last night so my 9am haircut had been and gone. I now have bad, overgrown, greasy hair and a cold. I basically look like this. Happy Saturday. x