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Fibromyalgia – New Life Outlook

Sorry, it’s been almost a whole week since I blogged which is not only incredibly rude but goes against the rules I set myself earlier this year. Still, I like to think I’ve had a good excuse. As well as having had an awful work-week (not good, and definitely not a good excuse), I have recently been approached by New Life Outlook, an online network providing communities for people who suffer from various health conditions. The network encourages users to share their stories, tips and advice so that others can learn new ways to cope. How does this impact on my busy week? Well, I’m glad you asked…

I was recently approached by the network to do some writing about Fibromyalgia. After submitting a sample article, they have now asked me to write one article per week which provides practical step-by-step advice to readers on different aspects of the condition. Yay! How exciting!

It’s my intention that my writing for New Life Outlook will share all the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years of being a Fibromyalgia sufferer, whereas my blog will continue to provide random lifestyle posts along with an insight into the things I’m struggling with. It’s almost as thought my blog is the vehicle to find the wisdom and then, once found, I hop on over to New Life Outlook and sound like this is stuff I’ve known all along. Look at me, being a brilliant patient. (Let’s hope the readers don’t discover my blog and realise I haven’t a clue.)

I jest, of course. In actual fact, the blog and New Life Outlook help to focus me. Every time I write a recommendation for someone, I either think, “You should definitely do this, it’s changed my life!” or I think, “I really should start doing that, it sounds like it could change my life.” Either way, something good is happening.

So here’s a little insight to my writing for New Life Outlook. My first article was published this week when I was asked to answer the question, “Is Fibromyalgia progressive?” We know it’s not but we often feel like it is, so I chose to think about why we feel it is and consider what we can do to change that. Here goes…

An extract from the article “Is Fibromyalgia progressive?” taken from Fibromyalgia – New Life Outlook:

“Is fibromyalgia progressive? The medical profession doesn’t class it as a progressive or degenerative condition, but with long and frequent flare ups recurring over and over again it’s no wonder many of us feel like things are getting worse over time. Although your body may not technically be deteriorating, it can feel like your quality of life is getting progressively worse. You can’t do the things you used to and the irregularity of the condition prevents you from finding the routine and consistency you crave. In fact, with symptoms changing day to day, it’s almost like having to come terms with your limitations all over again.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Here are five things you can do to delay the flare ups and limit that feeling of degeneration.

Try New Things

Fibromyalgia is a relatively new condition and there is always some new online advert for “breakthrough pain relief” or “fibromyalgia cure” to be tempted to try. It’s easy to get caught up in the hysteria of “I ate raw potatoes ten times a day and my fibromyalgia vanished” and it’s equally easy to become frustrated and cynical about the suggestions you stumble across online. Again, it’s all about finding that magical balance.

Be systematic in your approach so that you can really see whether or not something has made a difference – change one thing at a time and (back to point one) keep track of your flares. My recent discoveries have included reducing the amount of gluten I eat and rubbing Pernaton gel into sore areas, both of which seem to have made a positive impact. Still, what works for one might not work for another so when you feel inclined, start introducing something new to your world – or taking something out. These things are unlikely to treat the cause but if they treat the symptoms, well, that’s a start.”

To read the rest of this article and discover the other four tips, check out the website.


2 comments on “Fibromyalgia – New Life Outlook

  1. Hadn’t heard of Pernaton gel so went to Amazon and there are no customer reviews but it’s really expensive. Going gluten free helped my fibro a lot and becoming a vegetarian. Have been diagnosed since 1998, every time I think I’ve got it licked, here comes another flare. Good luck with your writing.

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