That time I attempted carving a pumpkin


Happy Halloween! I can’t remember the last time I acknowledged Halloween in the traditional sense but, oh okay, I can and it was when I was ten years old. My younger sister dressed up as a witch and I dressed up as her broom. Yes, you read that right and yes, I looked as ridiculous as you imagine.

The years went by and I stopped dressing up. I also avoided shop windows and pubs because they inevitably have plastic spiders hanging from the ceiling and that doesn’t sit will with my arachnophobia. I then took it one step further and avoided my house because, for some reason, kids in scary costumes asking for sweets really freaks me out.

And now? Well, thanks to my promise of 30 things to do in the year I’m 30 I had to get involved and carve a pumpkin. This is something I have never done before, so I set to work and got to carving.

Now before you look at the pictures I should stress a couple of things. I have never done this before, I didn’t draw on the pumpkin before carving (I just free-styled) and I have never done this before.

Okay, here goes.

The pumpkins were very soft. I was expecting them to be really heavy (yes, before today I had never even carried a pumpkin) but a small kitchen knife cut into them with ease. Didn’t hurt my wrists one bit. I took one pumpkin, Robin took the other and we had a carve-off.

So I carved an eye. It was bigger than I was planning and a different shape to what I was expecting but I went with it. I then carved a matching eye, but it was too big so I had to make the first eye bigger. By then the eyes had taken over more than half the pumpkin. I tried to do a slim mouth but I didn’t quite manage it. In fact, it ended up with a pretty big mouth – like carver, like pumpkin.

I looked over at Robin. His pumpkin’s face seemed more controlled, but I couldn’t help thinking it looked like an upset Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. What do you reckon?

Then we turned out all the lights, lit the candles and had some spooky time.

I think we can all agree that this pumpkin carving malarkey is harder than it looks and I could do with some practice. But it’s a start! Happy halloween folks.