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Having a party, and other stories

I thought it was about time I reviewed my list of 30 things to do in the year I turn 30. See, by my count, we have a mere 11 weeks until the end of 2014 and there are still a few things outstanding. I’ve got to get my skates on.

Still, there are a few things I’ve been up to behind the scenes. They don’t quite warrant their very own blog post so I’m dumping them in to this one. You’re getting a whistle stop tour of some of my missions.

Image from Cotswold Baking

I finally had a birthday party – and several birthday cakes. It was so wonderful to have so many friends in the same room and I drank too much Prosecco as a result of being a little overwhelmed. But as well as being brilliant, it was also hell. I don’t think birthday parties are made for the anxiety-ridden. The lead up to the party was quite horrendous and I don’t ever want to experience that panic ever again. Next time, I’m off to the pub for a few drinks withanyone who’s around at the time. End of.

Image from BBC Food

I had profiteroles! And boy they are gooood. I had one by accident when I went for dinner in the dark, then had 12 more with the girls at work on my birthday. Mmmmm! Why have I gone 30 years without these?


I’m using twitter more, and I really love it. I still think I need to tweet more, and it certainly doesn’t come naturally, but it’s fun. I particularly enjoy it when I tweet during TV programmes, I feel like I’m watching something with half the world in my living room – but without having to get out of my pyjamas. @tweetsfrom98 is one of my favourite accounts to follow – check it out!

I did learn Spanish, I really did! Well, kind of. I spent seven weeks learning Spanish in the pub drinking red wine with my friend and a Spanish teacher. We soon learnt that we preferred the wine and chit chat aspect of the course to the learning aspect. And how much Spanish can I remember? Um… Hola…Adios…Perro?

Check out the rest of the list to see what else still needs to be done. Eleven weeks to go…


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