Painting the table

Remember when I painted my dining chairs and covered the cushions? Well now I have FINALLY finished this project by painting the dining room table! Once again, I used my beloved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Rigby and Mac to paint the old veneer table. I’m completely smitten with Annie Sloan’s paint as there’s no need to sand down or use a primer. One quick wipe down and I got to work.

After lying down dust sheets (because I am far from a tidy painter) I turned the table upside down and painted the legs.



I left the table to dry for a few hours, then turned the table the right way up and started to paint the top. Because the table is extendable, I pulled it apart to ensure I could paint between the gaps. The last thing I wanted was bits of that ugly veneer peeping through when I expanded the table. Ugh!

Painting table


After painting the table I left it to dry, then went back to do a second coat. Often Annie Sloan’s paint doesn’t require a second coating, but I’d watered it down a little bit and decided afterwards that it was a bit too thin. Trial and error.

Once it was dry, I waxed it using Annie Sloan Soft Wax. This is really easy to apply, just use a dry cloth and rub it into the surface and leave it to dry. I did two coats on the table top because this is going to be a heavily used surface with lots of plates and glasses, so a good wax will prevent the paint chipping. I’m going to reapply the wax as and when required.

Ta dah! White table, coloured chairs! All very delightful.

Painted table via A Life Less Physical

Painted table via A Life Less Physical

Painted table via A Life Less Physical

Painted table via A Life Less Physical

I’m looking forward to getting this dining set into my new house and showing it off in the big bay window!


2 comments on “Painting the table

  1. Catherine

    Well done – it’s always harder than it looks. It looks fantastic!

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