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Spending the weekend in Bristol

Getting out of London for the weekend is always harder than it sounds. Between train delays and the M25, it just seems a whole lot easier to stay put. However, on the occasions that you brace the Friday night hell and travel to surrounding counties, you’re always glad you did it. You see countryside, stillness, community, buses that take cash, and very few suits. It’s marvelous.

This weekend we went to Bristol. We went to stay with a friend and pottered about – one of my favourite things to do with my weekend – but soon discovered the annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta. The fiesta is an opportunity for Bristolians and visitors alike to gather at Ashton Court and enjoy a cheesy fun fair followed by the lighting up of air balloons in time to current pop chart hits and a firework display. Pure joy.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

I absolutely LOVE fun fairs, but I absolutely hate fun fair rides. There is nothing more scary than the fun house, the ghost train or the big wheel. No. All truly horrendous. But fun fairs are truly perfect if you like wandering around bright lights and people watching.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Twenty hot air balloons rise to the sound of Bon Jovi, and chart hits are played whilst the balloons are lit up (loosely) in time to the music. Completely weird, but completely brilliant.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Bristol Balloon Fiesta


If you’re hanging around Bristol next summer I highly recommend it. If not, go and find a summer fun fair and immerse yourself in the cheese. It’s wonderful and fibro-friendly too.


4 comments on “Spending the weekend in Bristol

  1. Catherine

    Great photos

  2. my daughter was at university in Bath and i got to see the balloons in the air, quite and amazing sight

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