Monday Joy

Monday joy

Firstly, I apologise for missing last week. I was on holiday and was too swamped before I left to forward plan. Bad blogger.

Secondly, this is possibly the first Monday in a while that I haven’t felt the need to ‘find’ joy. I feel naturally quite joyful today! Whoop! Because of that, I thought I’d keep it real and share my reasons for joy.

One of my best friends left me several hilarious (slightly drunk) voicemail messages of love today. This sums us up.

PJs via A Life Less Physical

I started watching Veronica Mars (series) yesterday and practically raced home today to continue.
We’ve not done much else tonight and I don’t see that changing for the rest of the week.

Veronica Mars

I realise organising stuff doesn’t make a lot of people feel joyful, but it does me.
Although, joyful is a bit of an understatement. I’ve been doing life admin and LOVE these storage boxes from Ikea.


Things with the house purchase are going well (touch wood)Β so today we started some serious planning.
It turns out my decor taste is “eclectic”, who knew? I love this living room from Apartment Therapy.

Eclectic mix - Apartment Therapy

As it gets closer and closer to my birthday (would you believe just a couple of months to go?!)
I am starting to find lots of beautiful pressies to add to my wish list, like this ring from BreigeKing on Etsy.
The internet shopping addiction will continue well into my thirties, of that I have no doubt.

Ring from Etsy

I hope you all had a good Monday. x


2 comments on “Monday joy

  1. yep that’s my life – i live in my pajamas unless…:)

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