Made up

After a slightly miserable start to the week, I got a phone call from the post room at work to tell me a little parcel had arrived. I hadn’t ordered anything (unusually for me) so went downstairs feeling a bit suspicious. It turns out that my sister, all the way from Australia, had sent me a rather expensive gift voucher for Selfridges to treat me to some new make up. I’d been whinging about my severe lack of good make up, as well as a number of other rants and moans, and she took it upon herself to sort me out. I’m not very good with my appearance so my sister is always my go-to-girl for all things hair and beauty related. At one point I thought she was going to be a make up artist to the stars, but it didn’t happen so now she’s just make up artist to me.

Anyway, I took that fancy voucher and bought myself two fancy products.

The first was something I’ve coveted for a long time; a NARS Velvet Lip Pencil. Having seen these work in real life (because I never believe the nonsense of make up adverts) I already know it’s worth the £18 investment.

The second thing I ordered was a bit of a gamble. I’ve been looking for a product to smooth out my bushy eyebrows for some time and, after searching through the many options in Selfridges, I went for this Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Eyebrow Pencil.

My parcel arrives this week and fingers crossed I’ll be all beautiful, just in time for the weekend. I’ll let you know. Thank you sister!

NARS Lip Pencil     Charlotte Tilbury