Monday joy


Hello, and happy Monday. Good news here – we’ve had an offer accepted on our very first flat and, hopefully, we will soon be home owners! And yes, I know there are still a hundred places where it could all fall through, but this is Monday which means we’re only thinking joyful thoughts.

This week’s joy comes to you with the theme of heavenly homes. Enjoy.

Mix of chairs [via ennui.blogg.se]
Shelf layout [via bellemaison23.com]
Shelf in a small room [via thedepartmentofnews.com]
Storage bed [via loaf.com]
Baskets [via abeautifulmess.com]
Cygnet grey sofa bed [via made.com]

Now fingers crossed nothing falls apart and I can keep planning for an exciting news home! Happy Monday and I hope you are finding some joy of your own.