Comfort vs style


I often harp on about my need to be comfortable; particularly when it comes to my feet and the warmth of my body. But right now I really need to shout from the rooftops that Clarks are really smashing this issue single handedly!

For years I had an opinion of Clarks that I’m sure many of you have shared; all comfort but no style. I had strong memories of being eight years old, stood on the fancy foot measuring machine that had just arrived in store that determined the exact size and width of my foot. I remember staring longingly at those wonderful black patent lace ups that came with a lucky key, knowing I was likely going to end up with something less cool.

Fast forward twenty years and I am still craving Clarks shoes, but this time it’s aaaaall about the style. I thought I’d share some of my recent purchases with you.

I bought these Gin Spritz shoes at the start of Spring and I adore them.
These Advent Sparkle shoes arrived yesterday and today I felt like I had the most beautifully dressed feet on the planet.
It’s almost summer, and these Oditi Lucky sandals are just perfect for work and play.
If I must resort to heels it’s got to be for a good reason, and in this case it is. My friend’s wedding is blue-themed and these are perfect.

It’s not just me loving the latest Clark look. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen my friends in some of these Hotel Image and Hotel Diva brogues and trust me, they’re turning heads.


Obviously, it doesn’t stop here. I also have a wish list.


If you haven’t checked out Clarks in the last couple of years, go and do it! They are perfect for people like me who are desperate to spend as long as possible in beautiful, comfortable shoes.