Monday joy

Today was meant to be such a joyful day but after we lost the house that we were desperately hoping to buy, the mood became a bit glum. I was all set to do a house-themed Monday Joy, but instead my joy comes c/o summer excitement. Today the media told me London was hotter than Corfu, and tomorrow is my last day of work before a week in Italy. Let’s focus on that!

Dining al fresco in Italy - Travel & Leisure
Dining al fresco in Italy [from Travel & Leisure]
My plan - No source
My plan [No source]
Lace top - Anthropologie
Lace top [from Anthropologie]
Summer fun - No source
Summer fun [No source]
Sandman - No Source
Sandman [No source]

You get a sandman instead of a cat this week. Enjoy!