How to re-style your wardrobe


I’m not going to even pretend that I know what I’m on about when it comes to fashion and style. For as long as I can remember I’ve lived by the “wear what you like, like what you wear” motto. That is, until now.

Since I’ve had fibromyalgia I’ve gained almost two stone, and I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been. The thing is, fibromyalgia is only partly to blame; for the most part it’s all my fault. I love my food. LOVE it. And I’ve always hated exercise. I was the girl faking notes from my mum to get out of PE at school.

So I’m now on a health kick, not just because I want to lose weight but because it’s even more important than normal for fibro sufferers to exercise and eat the right things. (I’m still going to eat the wrong things, but not as much or as often.)

But it’s not just about what’s on the inside; what’s on the outside counts too. I have been dressing the same way for years and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, in theory, but now that my body shape has changed I’ve realised it’s time for my wardrobe to catch up. Surely there is something more flattering to be worn that doesn’t make me look like thin-girl-got-chubba.

Here is my five step plan to re-styling.

#1 – Out with the old. 

I plan to go through my wardrobe and get rid of anything I haven’t worn in the last year. I normally do this anyway, but I get rid of stuff I don’t like anymore, and all the things that don’t fit me just stay there waiting for that miraculous day when I wake up a size smaller. Instead, I plan to put all my skinny clothes in a suitcase and re-evaluate in six months time.

#2 – Don’t dress like I’m young and skinny. 

This should be an obvious one, right? I’m not 22 and I’m not a size eight and that’s okay. But I’m also not 54 and a size twenty, so finding my middle ground is important. What does a size 12 thirty year old wear? Haven’t a clue. What do I like? Haven’t a clue. What suits me? Haven’t a clue. Which brings me to number three…

#3 – Understand what the hell “dress for your body type” actually means. 

Could someone please tell me what terms like “pear shape” or “hourglass” actually mean? I know the definition of each type, but what does that look like. I don’t know what’s recommended if I don’t know what I am. What is Beyonce? What is Victoria Beckham? What am I? (Hang on, that’s a whole other question…let’s not tackle that one right now.)

#4 – Stock my wardrobe with ‘key pieces’. 

This has been on my to-do list for ages, and I mainly haven’t done it because I’m saving up to buy a house so re-stocking my wardrobe from scratch doesn’t really seem like an option right now. But, I think there are things every girl’s wardrobe should have. I made my must-have list a few months ago, ticked off everything I already owned and then promised myself I would only buy new things if they were missing from the list. How did that go? Well, I don’t know where my list is and last week I purchased a Christmas jumper I found in the sale.

#5 – Find go-to shops. 

Topshop used to be my go-to shop. Everything fit me, I liked the styles and I knew I could wander in and pick a few items and go straight to the till without enduring the dreaded changing rooms – which, quite frankly, have been crap in every Topshop I’ve ever been in to. Recently though, nothing in Topshop fits me and I don’t like the styles. I am too old for Topshop. Or too irritated for Topshop. The only problem now is that since Topshop fell off my top spot, I haven’t replaced it. It’s like the ex-boyfriend that no other date has ever lived up to, and I need to fix that.

Bonus #6 – Work out what I like.

I’ve just realised in writing these five steps that I don’t even know what I like anymore. I know I have a hundred thousand outfits pinned to my Pinterest style board and yet I can’t even work out what I like. So having been through my style board, I’m going to try and stick to the theme of these outfits…










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