Monday joy


My eagle-eyed readers will realise today is not Monday and my joy is late. However, I have a good excuse. Yesterday was Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and I didn’t want the joy to detract from the post I wrote last night. It was kind of important.

So, it may be Tuesday but there is still joy to be had.

I love this table and white hallway (www.apartmentapothecary.com)
One day my kitchen will look like this. That light is amazing! (www.brittanickel.com)
I love this.
This storage bed is amazing for small flats. (www.loaf.com)
I love the simple things in life; bread and lashings of butter. Yum. (For Emma, Forever Ago – Tumblr)
Cute. (Ruffledblog.com)
What a stunning cat. (Pinterest – No source)