Walking in the rain


It’s been one of those days. I foolishly thought that spring was here and summer was in sight, but I woke up this morning to heavy rain and a need to be in central London all day. (And when I say need, I mean need. I rarely choose to spend an entire day in the city.) In heavy rain, everything in London is more miserable. I am more miserable. After a hectic day trying to wear my work-hat and not my blog-hat, I traveled home on the dreaded tube. Stood up, obviously. My journey home ended with me dropping my oyster card just after I’d swiped it and the barriers had opened, which led to a less-than-attractive scurry on the ground to pick it up, followed by me launching myself through the barriers just before they closed on my face, all with a long queue of commuters waiting impatiently behind me. 

However, my journey was not all bad. One good thing about commuting is the immense amount of opportunity to people watch. Highlights included, 

#1 – The very old man with a long gray pony tail and wearing a leather jacket intently reading the women’s style page of the London Evening Standard. 
#2 – The super cute couple who held hands the entire journey, and as the guy fell asleep with his mouth wide open and let out little piggy snores, his girl looked adoringly at him. (Okay, I’ll be honest, this made me want to puke a little bit, but a less cynical person would have thought it was super cute.) 
#3 – Watching women. This isn’t as weird as it sounds…or maybe it is, but I am constantly watching women. You’re all an amazing source of inspiration when it comes to things to read/wear/do. 

So in the rain and sore from commuting, I thought about what makes a good work outfit. As always, fibromyalgia plays a huge part in how I live my life and my outfits are no exception. I need warmth to prevent my joints from seizing up, I need flat shoes, and I need a light bag. Oh, but more importantly, I want to look nice damnit! Here are my fibromyalgia friendly fashion finds. (Wow. Mouthful.) 

Love the idea of a smart outfit with smart trainers. [www.bycheapandchic.com]
If we’re going to be stuck in flats, let’s make them good flats. [www.chanel.com]
A brightly coloured blazer smartens up a casual outfit. [www.lovefashionworld.com]
The easiest of outfits and my go-to when it doubt. Dress, cardigan, thick tights, ballet pumps. Done. [www.flickr.com]

Now having thought about good work-wear, I need to think about good first-bloggers-conference-wear. That’s right, tomorrow is the start of Blogtacular, my very first bloggers conference. I have no idea what to wear or what to take or who I’ll meet or what I’ll learn, but I do know that I have the nervous excitement of the first day of school and need to prepare my outfit and pack my stationery.