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The perfect plan for a weekend of relaxation

I know that this post won’t surprise you, but that’s okay. It’s purpose is to remind you: RELAXATION IS THE KEY TO LIFE. This weekend has been amazing and, as I write this post curled up on the sofa on Sunday evening, I’m having a light-bulb moment. I’ve relaxed, and it’s been wonderful! I need to do this more. 

It all started with Friday night at home, when the boy made Chicken Tikka Masala. The Guardian’s Felicity Cloake has a range of “the perfect” recipes and he’s a bit of a fan, so the perfect Masala was the next recipe on his list to try and the girl did good, it was delicious! Wine, curry and crap TV – the perfect date night in.

Felicity Cloake's perfect chicken tikka masala

Saturday morning we viewed some flats in South London, hoping one might be remotely affordable to buy. They weren’t. Still, I wasn’t too miserable about it because I had a spa day ahead of me! SPA DAY! I absolutely love a spa day, and this one was with a friend I haven’t seen in too long and included three treatments and a two course meal. A massage, a facial and a manicure later we went for pizza and wine and…wait, why do my good days always revolve around food? Anyway, it was just what I needed and an amazing way to spend the day. The spa was in the Britannia International in Canary Wharf and, quite honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. Decor was weird, customer service was weird, and the other customers were also pretty weird. But the treatments were wonderful and I had hours catching up with my friend, and that was really all I needed. 


Following a day at the spa, we headed to the Water Poet in East London to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. It was such fun catching up with friends and checking out new London haunts – and the Water Poet was far more fabulous than the Britannia. Plus, the friends I was with are the same friends I’m off to Italy with in less than four weeks, so it was excitement all round!


Sunday morning I had a slightly hungover lazy lie-in followed by brunch with two school friends at St David’s cafe in Forest Hill. This was a wonderful start to my Sunday, with tea in quaint cups accompanied by a rustic bacon sandwich. Yum! This was a great little cafe, and one I’ll definitely be going back to. 


Sunday afternoon was spent chilling out at home, house hunting online and trying to keep two blogs going whilst I prepare for 10th May. It’s so lovely to be at home for the weekend, and so wonderful to be doing relaxing things with friends. I need to do this more. So my fibro-friendly tip today is to put some “free weekend” days in your diary, be spontaneous and be relaxed. It’s incredible. 


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