Move on, move up


Did you know that this blog has been going for 11 months? 11 MONTHS! That means I’m very nearly at my one year anniversary which is pretty exciting. Not only that but, as always with anniversaries, it’s a time for a bit of reflection. It’s a chance for me to think back over how far this blog has come, but more importantly a chance to think about where I want it to go. And with that, I have an announcement!

I’m on the move!

I’m using my one year anniversary as an opportunity to mix things up a bit, change the things I don’t like about this blog, and improve on the things I do. I’ve been looking around at other blogs I love, working out why I love them and thinking about what I can develop that’s relevant to my own world of blogging. I’m also going to change the name and therefore the location; Weebly has been good to me but it’s not quite right for my needs (unfortunately I discovered this a little bit too late) and so I’m taking a jaunty trip over to WordPress and hoping you’ll join me. Watch this space because by 10th May, my new blog will be live and it’ll be all change up in here!

As it happens, 10th May is special day for one other reason; I’m attending my very first bloggers conference! Whooop! What is a bloggers conference?, I hear you ask. Well, I’m not really sure. I know I parted with some hard earned cash and in return I’m hoping to meet other bloggers, get some tips on how to improve my blog, attend some motivating workshios and come away feeling totally inspired. (My biggest fear is that I will come away devastated having realised everyone else’s blog is much better than mine, and I should have stuck to a nice and private paper journal. Fingers crossed that’s not the outcome!) 

I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, watch out for the new blog address launching in just over two weeks! It’s exciting times, and there’s nothing like a spring clean to feel totally rejuvenated. Here’s hoping that as I move on, I move up!