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A weekend in Norwich

My ‘escape’ series has been relatively quiet lately; I haven’t had the money and time to escape for a while, but I kicked off Easter weekend with an escape to Norwich. 

This is the first time I’ve been to the East of the country and knew nothing of it, other than the obvious rumours of flat countryside and inbred families. As it happens I discovered evidence for neither, although I mainly explored the beautiful coast and ate a lot of food. 

Happisburgh (pronounced Haze-bruh) provided us with strong winds, thick clouds and wild waves which is exactly what I expect when visiting the British seaside.







After a fresh afternoon by the sea, we found a wonderful cafe in Holt for tea, cake and the crossword. The crossword is a big part of my better half’s family; I really need to do some practice… 

The evening brought more food, this time at The Pigs in Edgefield. The Pigs, as you would expect from the name, provided us with piggy sharing platters which included sausages, bacon, black pudding, pigs ears and pulled pork pate. We added chips and prawns and beef dripping and spare ribs for good measure.




Yum yum. Oink. We also had the most indulgent chocolate cake followed by a stunning cheese board. (I demolished it before I had time to think about my camera.)

Day two mainly involved sleeping, which I happen to think is a vital part of any escape. It also included pancakes, book shops and stationary shopping. This is really all I need in my life. 


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