Mad about Mad Men


It has just dawned on me that this week is the last time I will have the excitement that comes along with a new series of Mad Men. Tonight is the start of the final series in the US and it hits the UK on Wednesday. I’m in mourning already.

I thought I’d take a moment to just bathe in the glory of Mad Men, browsing the internet for pictures, quotes, and clips. It then inevitably turned in to a large online shopping trip with the theme of “dressing like a Mad Men woman.”


All dresses found on Ebay

I love that I don’t know which Mad Men woman I love the most. I love that they’re all completely fabulous! I also love that I don’t know what’s better; the fabulous women or the cynical quotes. It’s all love love love up in here.

Oh how will I cope when it ends? That’s right, I’ll start right back at the beginning and live it all over again. Now, time to get the cocktails ready – recipes available on Liquor.com