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Bloggers love blogs – part two

In the early days of this blog, I did a post which listed other blogs that I love to read. As fellow blog readers will know, your ‘favourite blog’ list will change frequently as you fall in love with new writers and out of love with old ones. Still, though many blogs will come and go, others will be in your heart forever. 

On this rainy Sunday, curled up with my hot water bottle and a brew, here’s my updated list of blog recommendations. 

1. Oh so lovely vintage
This blog was on my list first time around, but it was new discovery for me back then. It has now jumped to the top of my list of favourites, and I have become an oh so loyal reader. I check this blog every day; the design is clean and clear, the images are beautiful and inspiring, and there is enough variety to avoid boredom for daily readers among us. This blog repeatedly motivates me to keep going with Food, Things & This and pushes me to improve post after post. These girls don’t know it, but they’re playing a big part in my blogging world. 

2013 - 1 (2)

2. A rosie outlook 
I’ve been reading this blog for many months and really love Rosie’s simple approach to her blog. When I read her posts I feel like I’m hearing from the ‘real Rosie’, even though I have never met her. She is approachable and unpretentious in her writing style, and there is a cute British vibe to everything she blogs about. Plus, come on, we should be supporting our home grown talent. 


3. The Londoner
If Rosie (Outlook) is the cute girl next door you want to be friends with, then Rosie (Londoner) is the high school cheerleader whose gang you hate but kind of want to be a part of. The Londoner featured in my last list, but at a time when she was far less indulgent with exotic holidays, fancy restaurants, and members only clubs. Now she reports on a life that most of us don’t (and won’t) lead, full of posh people doing their posh thing. It feels less ‘real life’ and more ‘it girl’ with every post. However, I keep returning. Why? Because, state of undress and film premieres aside, Rosie still provides us with a range of things to do when in the Capital and, whilst many are saved for a rare celebration, she still finds great places for a budget burger. Plus she writes well, and seems to be on her way to making a career out of her blog. Isn’t that the dream? 


4. Wearing it today
This is a fairly new blog for me, but I’ve been a committed daily reader since the day I discovered it. It’s written by a stylist who provides readers with tips for looking good in daily life. It reads like a magazine yet feels totally accessible, and above all else it provides inspiration for ‘real’ outfits. Nothing feels too posed, yet it’s clearly more professional than anything I’ve ever written. I like it; I like it a lot. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 18.19.30

5. Bleubird
This blog is carried over from the last list as well, and I think it’s got even better in recent months. If you don’t really read blogs but instead use them to scroll through and pin images then this is one for you. The photographs are getting better and better, and I really love it when you watch your favourite bloggers improve before your eyes. Whilst fashion and food remain a part of the Bleubird blog, family still runs through every post and whilst that’s not a feature of my own blog, I love to see how James balances her family and work life. And yes, again, she’s living the dream having created a Bleubird brand and now works from home.


Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!


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