Monday joy


Happy Monday! Today’s ‘happy pictures’ come with a theme: dream home. I’m starting to think about buying a house, and whilst I won’t bore you all (or over share) by telling you about my finances, I will tell you that it’s likely my next house will be a new build, open plan, blank canvas. With that in mind, my Pinterest activity is all about creating a ‘vibe’. That’s right. A vibe. People don’t use that word enough these days…

As always, all images are available via my Pinterest page with links to the original source.

A bit of wood, a bit of green and some cute lighting and before you know it your white flat is a country cottage.
This fringe curtain transforms the window and takes me away to a little Spanish flat overlooking the pool.
Now this little gem is a handmade pompom tree. I’m making it just as soon as I find my creative juice.
Light, greenery and, as always, a cat. I’m really okay with everything else, as long as I have this.
Okay that’s not true, but these three things are very important to me.
The perfect suggestions for a balcony garden. Looking at this almost makes me not want an actual garden. I said almost.

As always, all images are available via my Pinterest page. Happy Monday people, I hope you are feeling the joy. x