Bridesmaids brunch at Betty Blythe

Today was a good day. One of my best friends is getting married next year so today we had a bridesmaids get-together over a vintage style brunch at Betty Blythe Vintage Tea Rooms. As regular readers will know, I don’t ‘review’ places to eat, but I often can’t help but let my opinion slip when blogging about a new experience. 

2014 - 3

Today’s trip doesn’t quite fit my fibro-friendly criteria; the nearest bus stop is approximately five minutes away which, although isn’t far, it’s an extra five minutes on top of an already busy journey to Shepherd’s Bush. That said, once you’re there the setting is beautiful, it’s completely relaxing and the vintage touches certainly add to the sense of occasion.

2014 - 6

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As well as displaying vintage detail in the decor, Betty Blythe also provides a range of girly props. Nothing like a bit of fancy dress before gorging on sandwiches, scones and an array of cakes.

2014 - 5   2014 - 1

2014 - 2   10003005_10151978386052826_827487535_n

2014 - 9

This picture says it all… so much food, so many scones, so much fun! And you know what, the physical strain of the train, the tube, the bus and a walk was outweighed by the relaxation and revitalisation that comes with hanging out with the girls. If you haven’t done it in a while, go and do it. I believe it’s good for the mind, body and soul. x

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