You may remember that a few months ago, I was delighted when the seasons changed and we welcomed Autumn. I now feel a similar delight as, finally, we step in to Spring. 



My advice to fibro patients today is: get to know your bus routes. I’m incredibly lucky (and this really is luck, not fine planning) that the bus to my local park stops right outside my house. Working within my hour meant I could afford to walk around the park, enjoy the sunshine and then relax at the pub before catching the bus home again. 


Above all else, a day like today means I get to spend some time with my camera. I spent most of the afternoon playing with light and colour. 


I should point out, I’ve bought some new spring shoes which are super comfy and perfect for my one hour of walking. I should also point out the matching shoes was merely coincidence. Honestly. 


Wait…that’s not…surely not…yes…it’s BLUE SKY!





No better way to finish the hour than with a pint in the pub – which also happens to have a funny note on the piano. 



Enjoy the spring folks. Before you know it, it will be summer. 


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