Big Red Pizza Bus, Deptford, London

London has a habit of creating gimmicky restaurants that pop up all over the place with more focus on the gimmick than the food, but The Big Red Pizza Bus in Deptford did not disappoint. Let me just stress this; it’s a bus and it serves pizza. It’s amazing!


The bus itself has barely been touched, so it’s pretty snug. Makes for the perfect date night – hearts on the windows and everything. Now I do recognise that this is far too twee for many folk, but seeing as I love nothing more than a bit of twee-ness, this is right up my street. 



I had every intention of photographing the pizza, but it was so good I ate it forgetting all about my camera – that’s the sign of a good feed. 



I can’t wait to go back, and next time I may even check out their comedy night.