One small step, one giant leap

It’s been a while since I wrote about fibromyalgia, and I don’t really have a reason for that. It’s partly because I was starting to feel a bit self-indulgent, and partly because I felt I’d said all there was to say. Today though, I realised that I’ve been quite proactive recently and made some changes to my day-to-day life which are practically unnoticeable to the outside world but have made a huge difference to my life. 

small step

The first thing I did was cleaned out my top drawer in my desk at work. I removed all the business cards, pens, leaflets, and other work-related nonsense and created a health drawer. My health drawer contains a hot water bottle, a herbal heat pack, a body moisturiser and painkillers. I’ve always felt self-conscious about drawing attention to my health at work, but new job – new attitude! My heat pack rotates around my body as necessary, my hot water bottle stays on my back and I keep moisturising my skin to try and avoid the intense dryness and itching. 

glovesOn top of the new health drawer, I recently invested in some arthritis gloves. They were slightly more expensive than I thought they would be, but they’ve made such a difference to my life. They’re in my bag for use at home and at work; they’re incredibly tight to increase circulation which is ideal in these cold months when my joints are sore and my hands stop working. I got these IMAK gloves, but there are plenty of others available, and I can highly recommend them. Life changing! Again, the gloves draw attention at work and I’m getting a bit sick of the numerous “it’s not THAT cold!” comments but, here’s another change… my response is always: the truth.

I finally gave in and bought myself a backpack! The work trips were starting to get ridiculous and I need a sensible way to carry my stuff around. One of my friends bought this ASOS bag and it’s just gorgeous, so I’ve excitedly gone and bought myself one as well. I can’t wait for it to arrive!
These are only little changes, I know, but they’re making a big difference to the way I can cope with day to day life. Let me know what small changes you’re making, as you’re bound to be doing something I haven’t even thought of!

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