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Practice makes perfect

I am an insanely impatient person. Seriously impatient. If I can’t do something immediately, I’m not interested. This weekend I went to see Cirque du Soleil in the performance of Quidam and I can confidently say it is one of the best (if not the best) production I have ever seen. Whilst I sat watching acrobats with more skill and body control than I could ever dream of, I thought about how long those people must have trained for. At what point do you start practicing hanging upside down head first from a thin piece of cloth?  Whilst I watched in awe, a piece of popcorn missed my mouth and fell in to my wine glass, and then I got caught up in my own scarf as I tried to take it off. Clearly I am not destined for a life at the circus. 


However, the whole experience did make me think…
A couple of years ago I bought a ball of blue wool and my first pair of knitting needles. I found an excellent knitting tutorial on YouTube and sat down each evening to knit myself a scarf. Three days in and it was going well, but I didn’t have a scarf; I had a long thin piece of knotted wool. And to be fair, it wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t a scarf, so I quit.
I baked cakes for my boyfriend’s birthday a couple of years ago. It took ages and created a lot of mess, and on this occasion the thing I created really was pretty bad. I chucked them out and I haven’t baked a cake since.
I’ve started swimming on a number of occasions, but every time I find myself quitting because I get very bored. Friends have advised me to focus on someone else in the pool and make it my mission to beat that smooth swimming stranger, whilst others have suggested I set myself a target number of lengths to complete and not get out of the pool until I’ve smashed it. Unfortunately neither tip has kept me excited enough to stay in the pool, and so I quit.
I start Spanish next week. I’ve already warned my friend who is coming with me that if I can’t speak fluent Spanish by the end of the first month, there’s a good chance I’ll quit. Why? I haven’t a clue. I’m not a total moron and I know that with practice comes perfect, but I really can’t be bothered to practice and yet I so desperately would love to be perfect.

I was starting to feel pretty pathetic about all this, until I realised that I’ve been writing this blog for eight months. EIGHT MONTHS. And yes, my intention was to write two blog posts then get a £1m sponsorship deal so I could quit my job and blog for a living. Inevitably, that didn’t happen… but for some reason I didn’t stop blogging. I may read some of them and think they’re utter tosh, but I’m still clicking ‘publish’ so I think that’s something to proud of. I guess we all stick at the things that mean the most to us, or the things where determination overrides boredom/embarrassment/lack of skill.

This week I’m going swimming (again) on Tuesday and going to Spanish on Thursday. Wish me luck.

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