Monday joy


This is a feature inspired by (okay…stolen from) Oh So Lovely Vintage. I’ve mentioned this blog before and I really love it, and the Friday Love posts are just a nice simple way to end the working week. And my blog clearly doesn’t cover enough weird and wonderful unrelated topics, so I figure why not add another.  

The format of this post is pretty simple…except instead of ending the week with love I’m going to start it with joy. So here are some things I’m loving this week. 

I’ve finally booked my tattoo so I’m feeling envious of others whilst waiting for my designs to come through. I love this geometric pattern.

I am suddenly starting to love collars and discovered this beauty on Pinterest (where else?) this week.

I love this piece; ‘Disco Babe’ by Thomas Saliot
There’s something about these shoes that make me very happy.
Joy. Need I say more? Recipe at http://www.spoonforkbacon.com

Have a great week and I’ll try to bring some more visual joy next week. These pictures, along with manymany others can be found on my Pinterest page with links to the original source.