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New year’s resolutions

You know I said I was going to get back to blogging? Well it seems there was a slight delay. The pains came and the stress came and, more to the point, Christmas came. But I figure I spend a lot of time making apologies for my hermit-like behaviour so instead of writing about a manic couple of months this post isn’t about the past, it’s about what’s still to come. 


I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly cynical person, but in spite of that fact I still love a new year’s resolution. I know it’s a tedious tradition, and I can’t answer you if you ask me why a promise on the first of January should mean anything more than a promise of the sixth of May, except that I need something to spur me on. I need something to refocus me and my new year’s resolutions do just that, so today I thought I’d share my top five resolutions for 2014. 

When I started to write my resolutions, I found myself torn between what they really are versus what makes an interesting blog post. And so, with that, I take you to my first New Year’s resolution…

1. Keep bloggi
ng and keep honest

I am promising myself that I will not let my blog become a thing of the past, which has certainly been a danger in the latter months of 2013. I will prioritise writing, not only because I get enjoyment out of it, but because it really helps me. Plus I was starting to get a bit of a following which is always nice to see, so I will look after this blog with all the love and attention a good blog needs. 

Saying that, if it’s a bad day and I don’t feel merry then I will not inject fake merriment into my blog posts. The whole point of this blog was to keep it real so I will keep talking about the things that I struggle with, the things I enjoy and the things that make life that little bit easier – like food.


2. Take more photos – and do something with them

My facebook friends would probably be surprised by this resolution as I’m normally the one taking and sharing photos. That said, I really haven’t challenged myself with my photography in 2013. I bought my camera and was a lot more experimental than ever before, but I mainly took photographs of easy things like my cats and the trees. This year I want to push myself to take photos of things I love but struggle to photograph well; for example, buildings or open spaces or town centres or old people. These things are beautiful, why don’t I photograph them well and more often? (I suspect if I photographed them more often I’d start to photograph them well…) By the end of 2014 I will have one of my photographs framed in my house. I will. 


3. Maintain something for the entire year

I’m starting Spanish in February! Isn’t that exciting?! The downside is I fear I’ll have stopped it by March. However, I know an incentive or two will keep me going so I’m doing the classes with my friend at her house, hopefully surrounded by sangria and tapas. We’re also going to start planning a Spanish holiday for later this year – surely all of that will, in a round about way, keep me focused on the initial goal. If that doesn’t do it I don’t think anything will. (Plus, learning Spanish also puts a tick in my ‘activities that don’t hurt your body’ box so you’ll hopefully see more about this later in the year.) By the end of this year I’ll basically be Spanish.


4. Be active, but ‘good’ active

I apologise for how predictive resolution number four is, but I really need to abide by resolution number one and keep honest. This year I’m promising myself that I will recognise the difference between good and bad activeness and I will embark on more good activities. For example, I will not mission around at work like an Energiser bunny until I cannot hold my own head up; instead I will take my working day fairly easy and then make use of my evenings, for example a short walk around the block after dinner. Lovely, right? I don’t want my muscles to slowly waste away so from now on I’m all about good activity; Pilates, meditation, healthy eating…okay, I think I may be getting carried away. But the intention is good and it’s alive, it really is. 


5. Make more of Christmas

I’m not normally one to get excited about Christmas. In fact, it’s always been kind of a ball ache. Except that in 2013, for the first time ever, I got really excited. Unfortunately though, I didn’t really make the most of my excitement. It may be that I didn’t plan enough in advance – but that’s unlikely knowing me, so I think it’s that the pain/stress/new job/new house all got a bit much and Christmas got lost in it all. Not this year. This year I’m getting a Christmas jumper (or two), I’m wrapping beautiful presents, I’m having a proper dinner party and I’m decorating the house – not just the tree, the house.


3177523   5364797   4922190_orig


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I wonder which one of these will be the first to go, and which (if any) will still be going strong in 2015. Place your bets now.


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