Itchiness as a symptom of fibromyalgia

I thought I’d read about all the fibromyalgia symptoms there were and, what’s more, thought I’d experienced them all. Sadly, that’s not the case. I have now discovered…


One of the things I find really interesting about fibromyalgia is the overwhelmingly huge number of symptoms. Because of this, every time I’m notice a change in my body I generally assume it’s just another symptom. I worry that this can be quite dangerous… what if I get cancer? What if I have a kidney infection? What if what if what if? How will anyone know if everything is treated just another symptom? 

About six months ago I started getting sharp pains in my chest and I was struggling to breathe; deep breaths were hard to take but my chest was sensitive to touch as well. I mentioned this to my GP who said, “Oh yes, that’s very common. Just another symptom.” Delightful. 

So my newest symptom is the dreaded itch and it is the most infuriating of symptoms. My eyes are itching so much I’m waking up in the night, desperate to rip my eyeballs out. My elbows and knees are itching constantly, so I sit clawing away at them through my clothes. My arms, leg, fingers, ears, scalp… it goes on. When it started I thought I was allergic to something; my shampoo or my washing powder perhaps. Then I thought it was the cats and panicked I would be itching forever. (No, I’m not getting rid of my cats for love nor money nor itching.) I then turned to Google to check out the link with fibromyalgia and yes, it is indeed just another symptom. Shall we list them all? No, that would be boring. 


5 comments on “Itchiness as a symptom of fibromyalgia

  1. Omg thank you! I’ve been trying to find someone who would confirm that fibro makes you itchy for so long! I couldn’t find anybody else who had the problem! I have pretty bad psoriasis, so that’s fun. Eyeballs! I understand that. I rub and rub til I can’t stand it then put drops in and they burn and eventually feel better for a little while.

  2. They always start itching again. But you know that! I have scabby bumps on my back from scratching the hell out of the poor skin there that was itchy from fibro.

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