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New season, new chapter

Well, it’s official; I am now a Londoner. In all the chaos of too much stuff, too small a van and two petrified cats, I didn’t have much time to sit and blog. For my silence I can only apologise. But now, finally, the world has stopped spinning and I have some time to sit and think – two things I’m getting increasingly good at.

I don’t really associate London with sitting and thinking and stopping the world spinning. In fact, I’m fairly sure that London is the place one goes to should one wish to spin. However, having spent most of the last few weeks house hunting, I have found that Londoners weren’t lying when they said there are quiet, calm places. I have even found…wait for it…greenery! I know! Sheer madness! And so, with my newly found green areas, I have also found a new attitude towards London. I’m starting a new chapter and a new journey, discovering the fibro-friendly activities and the quieter, calmer, more manageable areas of London. Quite frankly I can’t think of a better time of year to do this because, finally, it’s autumn! 



I do love autumn. Not just because it’s the season that hosts my birthday, but also because when autumn’s in the air you can really feel it. Not just the change in temperature but the change in emotion. Things get cooler and crisper, the chunky knits come out of the wardrobe and I, inevitably, buy a new coat. And with all that, I get excited! I’m not sure why, but I am sure that I’m not alone. Autumn is the start of all things cosy and comfortable, and on a day like today when the sun is shining, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than good old Blighty. 


It can be quite a lot of effort to go outside for absolutely no reason other than that of being outside, and I hate to throw the fibro card yet again but, I’m going to. When your body aches and you know the cold is only going to make things worse, leaving the house for nothing seems a bit nuts. But I tell you now, it’s not nothing. Taking pictures of the trees, playing with the sun (not literally, I’m not magic) and scrunching up the crispy leaves is great fun. It was a healthy bit of a me-time after what’s been a really manic few weeks, and I wholeheartedly encourage you all to go and do it. Go ahead, embrace autumn!



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