Activities Fibro-friendly

Making teapots

I tried a weird and wonderful fibro -friendly activity today; I made a teapot.

2013 - 1

I found out about Muddy Fingers Pottery a few weeks ago and booked on to their teapot making class. It took place in the basement of one of my favourite Newcastle cafes, Quilliam Brothers, and every person got a free cuppa. We were off to a good start. 


I was pretty worried the pottery class was going to involve some kind of Ghost moment, with Unchained Melody playing in my head. Luckily, we arrived to a collection of tools, spouts, lids and handles so I knew it was going to be aimed at beginners. 


The slabs of rolled clay were for us to decorate and shape into the body of the teapot. So much easier said than done. 




If you’re after a confidence boost, I urge you not to invite your most arty crafty friend. Photos from this point on are of Ruth’s teapot, for it is far better than mine! Still, it’s not a competition (or, not a close one) and it was totally easy on the body. All very delicate and thoroughly enjoyable.




Look how pretty they all look, lined up waiting to go into the kiln. I’m almost positive my spout isn’t attached properly, so it’s likely to dribble when I pour from it. Actually, that said, I don’t think my base is as smooth as it should be so we may not get as far as pouring. When it’s all done and glazed I’ll post a picture. For now though, I definitely recommend this as an activity. Lots of freedom to move around, incredibly informal and no heavy labour. A good crafty night out.



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