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Embrace the lazy day

I’ve been a bit busy lately. House hunting and job hunting really takes up a lot of time, and when I’m not doing that, or doing my actual job, I’ve been visiting the boy in London. So today I’m pretty excited; I’m having a pyjama day! I’m not leaving the house, and I’m spending my day doing nothing – and loving it. 


What I suddenly realised, as I got giddy at the thought of a day in the house, is that a day inside can be a pretty awful prospect for fibro sufferers. We spend so much of our time being told to rest, take it easy, lie down etc, that being in bed can start to feel a bit like prison. So today I’m sending out a bit of advice: embrace the laziness! I know it’s easier said than done, but healthy people long for a pyjama day so although it may not be as rare for you as it is for them, it’s important to recognise the benefits. 

So, here’s what I’ve done with my lazy day and I strongly recommend you do the same – fibro or not.

Dexter-Morgan     breaking_bad_m23226

mad men     sopranos

I caught up with Dexter and Breaking Bad, then watched Mad Men and then the Sopranos. If you haven’t watched these series then you’ve got some serious lazy day time ahead of you.


I ate a HUGE roast dinner, played with the cats and spent some time catching up on blog posts.


I know it can be pretty awful being stuck inside when all you want to do is get out, but this is why I do my best to ‘do things’ even when indoors. Now, I’m off to do some online shopping… I’ve got an autumn wardrobe to sort out.  


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