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Sit down gig

There are times when I want to go out. Not just out, but out out. It doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to, because standing in bars on a busy night out waiting for my legs to die or squeezing into a club and dancing waiting for my legs to die just isn’t all that fun. 

But occasionally, someone talks to me about a night out out that fits into what I am now calling The Dream category, and this week I had just that.

Some friends of a friend have this band. And that band got pretty successful. And that pretty successful band opened this record shop. And this record shop puts on free gigs, and…it gets better…free SIT DOWN gigs. See? Living the dream.


Slow Club played Pop Recs Ltd and it was brilliant. Totally brilliant. 



And did I mention I got to sit down?


After that, I did some shots and had myself a night of going out out. But don’t you worry, I sat down the entire time. 


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